Huimin County net enterprise brand assault

Shandong Huimin County Quality Supervision Bureau invited the county 60 scale above individual net business owners held a county first to excellence will exchange experiences, bureau the leading to the enterprise to teach well and striving for famous products, the implementation of relevant knowledge of ISO9000 international quality system certification, 3 companies won the National BrandName enterprise leaders invited to create brand experience, as net enterprise branding campaign provides a good demonstration. It is reported, this is the third time since last year, the bureau held a meeting like that.

Huimin County Development net production has been 300 years of history. At present, the net working team of more than 3 people, more than 10 kinds of products have been rated as state-level quality products, products are sold to 29 provinces and cities nationwide, accounted for more than 60% share of net. In order to create a more famous products, further development of net production, to solve the contradiction of netting products uneven, make better netting enterprises, Huimin County Quality Supervision Bureau work supervision service with both hands, in the deep into the development of hitting counterfeit and inferior goods at the same time, the exchange of experience held a brand name, quality inspection organized lectures, brand organization development of production enterprises, guide enterprises to carry out quality research and research activities, guide enterprises to adhere to the quality first, the credibility of the supremacy of the purpose of service, scientific management, the implementation of standardized production, support enterprises jointly create way, vigorously develop the Group production, for the county's net enterprise big brand solid foundation battle assault under the.

At present, the county has formed Li Zhuang, Jiang Lou 3 net base, 120 net composed of Research Association and the purchase and sale of large net Association, the marketing team of more than 3000 people, the country has 155 large and medium-sized city sales offices, the county has 17 netting enterprises issued by the State Bureau of technical supervision of the production license, 7 acquired the ISO9001 international quality system certification, 12 companies were registered in the State Administration for Industry and commerce. Peng Sen, the Yellow River, and the letter and other products the products have been in South Korea, Germany, Malaysia and other international markets, the county Jiang Lou Zhen production of alphay card safety net, put into production in 12 years, 96 times the product quality inspection after quality supervision departments at or above the provincial level implementation, product qualification rate reached 100%, was designated as the national inspection free products. Recently, Huimin County Jucheng safety net chemical fiber rope net company has allowed for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games main stadium -- heart construction Olympic sports to provide labor safety and protection, recommended by the National Building Industry Association Professional Committee of safety and other departments, Huimin County into a giant company has also been designated as the Olympic venue construction project safety net supplier.